The 12 valve Cummins engine is perhaps the most legendary diesel engine in the world. Ever since Dodge used it to power its Ram trucks in 1989, the engine has been known for its power and durability. In all of the years that have passed since then, Cummins has attracted more fans, more drivers, and even more devotees of their 12 valve engine.

The engine’s overall simple design makes it reliable and easier to maintain than more complex options, making part replacement a less difficult process. The simple design also makes it easier for hardcore diesel enthusiasts to modify it and push the engine’s performance to suit their own needs.

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Please note that our products are engineered for off-road use only and may underperform and not stand up to the stress caused by other uses. You have been warned!

We do not assume any responsibility for any damage done to our parts resulting from misuse, deliberate or otherwise, including but not limited to mismatched parts, over-revving, and poorly lubricated parts. This also means we’re not liable for any costs you incur as a result of part failure. This extends to any of our 12 valve Cummins parts you buy from resellers or other retailers.

No matter how familiar you are with your 12 valve Cummins engine and how confident you are in installing and replacing pieces, we ask that you only have our parts installed by qualified professions for your (and your engine’s) safety. Doing so helps ensure you get the most out of your parts.

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