12 Valve Stage 1 Cylinder head 200CFM


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What’s included:

  • Hamilton Cams 12 Valve Cylinder Head
  • Valves
  • Valve stem seals
  • 165# Valve Springs
  • Retainers and locks


  • Reduced turbo lag
  • Lower Exhaust Temps
  • Thicker Casting less prone to cracking
  • Higher flowing head straight out of the box


  • 12 Valve Cummins cylinder head replacement that is best in the 1600rpm-4,000rpm range, 200cfm compared to OEM 145cfm
  • The intake ports offers the most velocity of any port we have offered yet
  • 1.770″ Intake Valves and 1.750″ Exhaust Valves
  • Can  be machined for Fire Ring or O-rings
  • Comes with 165 Conical springs and upgraded retainers

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Machine Work

None, Fire Ring, O-Ring