178/200 Steel Billet

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  • RPM Range: Idle-4000
  • Better fuel economy 2-3 MPG+
  • Increased bottom end power
  • Quicker spool up

Modification Required:

  • This is a drop in cam and only requires modification if material is removed from the block or cylinder head.
  • We always recommend new lifters when changing a cam.



  • Used in daily drivers
  • Towing
  • Meant for increased all around efficiency

Break in:

To make sure that you have no issues during break-in, follow these few suggestions.

  • Make sure that the cam has a Liberal amount of quality assembly lube applied
  • DO NOT let the engine start without oil pressure
  • When this is a new engine, be sure to put a liberal amount of assembly lube in the oil pump and prime the oil filter
  • Be sure to change the oil after you have done your break-in procedure. When the filter and oil system are already primed, engine will get oil pressure much faster than if the oil is changed at the same time.
  • Disconnect the fuel system and spin the engine with the starter until oil pressure can be read or until oil is coming out of the rocker arms.
  • Do not let the starter run for more than 10 seconds at a time
  • Once oil pressure has been verified, let the engine start and run for five minutes at 1200-1500rpm then shut engine down
  • Adjust valves then you are cleared to abuse your engine. Enjoy the added airflow
  • if you need to re-torque or “hot-torque “the head, do so before adjusting valves. Re-torqueing the head changes the valve lash setting, so it is important to set lash last.

Cam Info:

Cam Lift0.2900178.0-12.010.0101.00.0150
Valve Lift0.4002178.0-12.010.0101.00.0210
Cam Lift0.3200200.043.0-23.0123.00.0060
Valve Lift0.4288200.043.0-23.0123.00.0080

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