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This cam is the most efficient cam we have from just off idle to 2500 rpm. In engines there is always a trade off for different performance parts. On a truck with a 62mm turbo and 80hp injectors, this cam picked up 40hp at 1700rpm due to the fact that it moves so much air at lower rpms and helps the turbo spool much sooner. The trade off? It gives up power compared to our larger cams above 2600 rpm. If you live at high altitudes, tow heavy or are looking for the best efficiency possible for highway driving and you don’t use above 2600rpm often, this cam will help you considerably. Install with the intake from a 97-99 centerline, use with small or OEM injectors and turbos.

Cam Info:

178/208-108I4 Lift Duration Timing Timing C/L TDC
Cam Lift 0.2900 178.0 -13.0 11.0 102.0 0.0130
Valve Lift 0.4002 178.0 -13.0 11.0 102.0 0.0180
Cam Lift 0.3200 208.0 38.0 -10.0 114.0 0.0270
Valve Lift 0.4288 208.0 38.0 -10.0 114.0 0.0360

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