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194/220 Steel Cam


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A similar cam to the 188-220, but with more lift and slightly more duration on the intake. This cam will work well if you are looking for a little more airflow than our 188-220 will provide. Works well from 1800-4400rpm. Must use performance valve springs and pushrods. Install on 99 degree intake centerline. If you have not surfaced the head or block it will drop-in in most instances. Always, degree the cam and check piston to valve clearances.

Cam info:

Cam Lift0.3300194.0-
Valve Lift0.4554194.0-
Cam Lift0.3300220.051.0-11.0119.00.0190
Valve Lift0.4422220.051.0-11.0119.00.0250

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Engine Model

03 – 07 5.9L, 07.5 – 18 6.7L, 89-98 12V, 98.5 – 02 5.9L

Engine Type

Competition, Street

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