230/240 Steel Cam 55 mm


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We designed this cam to outperform roller cams for all out 2.6″ and 3.0″ pullers and high rpm drag trucks. To accomplish this, we had to start with 1mm larger core so that we could keep the base circle large enough to keep the nose angles from being too sharp. The less sharp nose with the wider lobes allow the cam to live under extreme spring pressure at high rpm. You will need 180-200# of seat pressure and 460# on the nose. Cam works well from 3,800-6,500 Rpm with heads that flow well. If you have a substandard head, go with our 54mm cams.

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03 – 07 5.9L, 07.5 – 18 6.7L, 89-98 12V, 98.5 – 02 5.9L

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