6.7l steel piston




These pistons are the best option for your competition only 6.7l Cummins. They have many engineering firsts for the 6.7l cummins.
-skeletonized construction which is up to 200grams lighter than the OEM piston and wrist pin even though they are steel!
-DLC coated wrist pin options Made in the USA
-4 ring stack which includes a Total seal AP top ring, Gapless second, Napier 3rd and total seal oil ring 1/16,1/16,1/16,3/16(optional$499)
-DLC coated H13 toolsteel wrist pins as an option($699)
-Low coefficient of expansion, which means tighter piston to bore.
-Low coefficient of thermal conductivity which allows heat release to work for you, not melt your piston.
-Piston to bore clearances of .003″-.0035″ recommended
– every aluminum piston you are thinking for the 6.7 competition engine is out of date.
-Custom bowls available from our blanks
-Proven to 3,000hp
-up to 200 grams lighter than aluminum pistons when factoring the wrist pins
-available in 4.212″, 4.232″, 4.252″
-Due to the pistons lower height, installation is much easier with ARP ring compressors for 4.210 use ARP 900-2100, for 4.230 use 900-2350 and for 4.250 use 900-2500

These pistons are 1″ shorter than the OEM pistons and require a 1″ longer rod.