6.7 Cummins Solid Block


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6.7 Liter Cummins Solid Cast Billet Block:

This Cummins 6.7 block is  for competition only. Want to make 2,000 hp but you do not want to spend 15k on a billet block? Run in a class that does not allow billet blocks? This is your answer. This block features a 4.210 bore and  is machined for 14mm head and main bolt hardware.  7 Cam Bushings come already installed for 54mm cams. If you want to push the envelope on valve motion with our 55mm cam bushings, just press the 54mm cam bushings out and press our thinner 55mm bushings in.   This block has made 3,000 hp in applications where it is not being loaded hard at low rpm. The higher the rpm a given Hp is made the lower the peak cylinder pressure. We are redesigning this block currently with higher tensile 300mpa cast iron and improved cam oiling and main supports. Look for the improved design late 2019 or buy our wet competition block now. We have customers well over 2,000hp with our wet competition block!







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