Dodge RAM 2003 high-line injectors with Injector Body Modification


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We only offer complete, calibrated and matched, sets of six injectors. The fuel flow of each single injector set is calibrated and matched to a flow tolerance within 2%. We do not sell nozzles separately. For your high-line BBI products do only use completely new injectors.  For this reason we do not have any core charges added to our high-line product line. We do now have an additional reman product line for MY03&MY4.5 injector up to Stage 2´s to get customers a cheaper alternative to the high-line series. All reman injectors do have completely new nozzles and new valve sets with a hard chrome coated seat and the new puck and guidance sleeve design between the valve piston and nozzle for an up to date functionality comparable to our highline injectors. Caused by high international shipping rates it is only possible to order a minimum of 10 injector sets.


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