12 Valve Stage 2 Cylinder Head


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12 Valve Cummins cylinder head replacement Competition or street ready and is a performance upgrade Cylinder head. The intake ports offers the most velocity of any port we have offered yet. This translates to reduced turbo lag and lower exhaust gas temps throughout your desired rpm band. Even a stock truck will see an improvement. A thicker deck and casting is used to reduce heat warping and it also is more resistant to cracking compared to a factory style cylinder head. The factory style intake shelf offers more flow to cylinder 1 and 6 versus a factory casting by reducing restrictions in the ports, essentially providing the same thing a side draft intake does. It can be machined to accept fire rings and O-rings.

1.850″ intake valves


Ship Time

Loaded with Hamilton 165 Beehive springs, retainers and locks, Valves and valve seats.


Can take up to 72 hours to ship once an order is placed.

Cummins Cam Combos

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